Collaboration Platform - One way I work with Brands.

One way I collaborate with Brands. 


    As I've been pursuing freelance full time and communicating with brands more often I came across a platform called Collabor8 that is downloadable for free on the app store. Below I will have screenshots and a strategy to leverage this platform to work with brands that are in need of content.


If you would like to see what strategy I implemented, watch this video: An incredible social media entrepreneur by the name Gary Vaynerchuk, wrote a book about this strategy and the video above breaks it down without reading his book.

In my own words, I give over and over without them expecting much. Underpromise and overdeliver to whoever you are wanting to attract. They will be impressed and more often than not will want to come back to ask for you to take content for them but also be willing to pay for your service because you’ve established such a great relationship.

This platform sets you up perfectly to establish those jabs with businesses you’d be interested in creating for. With work and patience, you will be able to cause that right hook and be able to get paid for what you want to do.  


I have an example of the beginning of a conversation with a brand that reached out to. They sent me the product and asked for a few photos. I exceeded their expectations on amount of content. This was my first “ Jab “ second jab was they were not expecting video “ Jab “. I can happily say they want to continue our conversation and create a relationship of creating content for them.

Try out the app and see what happens. Look for brands that fit your style and what you enjoy capturing, if not you may not enjoy what you’re doing. 


Hope this helps and you are able to do what you enjoy!